Code of Ethics


The Payson Pro Rodeo Committee Code of Ethics & Rules of Conduct is a necessary standard governing the behavior and actions of our members. We are confident that adherence to them will result in a more enjoyable experience for all. Failure to adhere to the Codes of Ethics and Rules of Conduct will result in a Board of Directors review of your membership.

 1. At all committee-sponsored events, members will be courteous, respectful, and professional in their dealings and communication. Absent this ability, members should avoid interaction with others. However, sincere attempts to "clear the air" and statements of fact are not always confrontational. 

2. Any member working during an event where we have a special event liquor license issued by the state of Arizona, shall not consume any alcohol before or during the special event.

3. Members should use discretion when discussing internal committee business in public.

 4. Respect "Roberts Rules of Order" during all meetings.

 5. Members have a duty to advise the Board of any member engaging in activity they believe is detrimental to the best interest of the Committee. However, they must produce evidence. The form in which this evidence may appear is unrestricted and will be weighed and considered carefully and deliberately.