Mission Statement

Our Vision

  Without our Members
There is no Committee

Without our committee
There is no Rodeo

Without the Rodeo
We cannot give back to our community

The Payson Rodeo Committee Inc. was incorporated on February 7, 1990.  The Payson Rodeo Committee Inc. is a 501(c)3 non profit organization and contributions are tax deductible.  The committee has been holding the “Gary Hardt Memorial Rodeo” for more than 15 years and we purchased the rights to the “Annual World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo” in 2010 from the Chamber of Commerce.  It takes a multitude of willing workers – both members and volunteers – and the support of the community to make our rodeos successful.  We need assistance with everything from parking attendants to those who help in the arena, from ticket sales to assisting with the dances, from hospitality/VIP to security.  See the attached application for more opportunities.


  • To preserve and maintain western heritage and lifestyle in Payson, Arizona
  • To produce and perpetuate the “Annual World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo” in Payson, Arizona
  • To fund student scholarships and support other vital community charities.

 Scholarships are awarded to qualified students, including the home-schooled, not only for junior or state colleges, but to technical and vocational schools, as well.  Some of our current members were past recipients of scholarships. We also contribute to many other community charities including local breast cancer, senior and veteran’s programs, Time Out Shelter, Christian Care Center, Payson Community Kids, etc.